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Futsal History

In recent years futsal begin to attract the attention of people in various parts of the world. the word "Futsal" comes from the Spanish of "Futbol" (soccer) and "Sala" (room), which combined means indoor football. According to FIFA, Futsal is the origin began in 1930 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Futsal was first introduced by Juan Carlos Ceriani, a football coach from Argentina. Rain is often flushed Montevideo upset him, because the plan was compiled to be messy because of flooded fields. Ceriani then move into the training room. First he kept using the number of players 11 people, but due to the narrow field, he decided to reduce the number of players to 5 people per team, including goalkeeper.
It turned out that indoor exercise is very effective and attractive. So as to attract much public interest in Montevideo. So many fans of football in the city who try this new game, and be loved sports Futsal public.

Version of the FIFA Futsal History can not be taken for granted, there are some countries who claim that Futsal comes from those countries respectively.

Canada and Brazil including the states that claim that Futsal comes from their country. They vigorously opposed the version of the FIFA Futsal history of this. Brazil claims that the same time as the emergence of the story Ceriani, soccer players in Brazil are doing the same thing, but in Brazil does not use a fixed rule, which means that the rules of each different region.

Futsal is growing very rapidly in Brazil, and in 1936 an agreement was made and the determination of rules of futsal. At that time, futsal rules are also not much difference with the current futsal rules. With this regulation, futsal is growing and popular in Latin America, even to the whole world.

In Italy, futsal was established in 1950. Futsal in Italy were introduced by the players, football players imports from Latin America who played in Serie A (Italian League). In free time, the players were playing futsal. And futsal dekenal and more popular in Italy.

Unlike the case with the UK. In England players often do football match practice six to six on grass. Futsal is also known in England, until some time held a futsal tournament sponsored by the London Express, one of the leading newspaper in London.

While in Spain, the development of futsal much faster. This can happen because of culture and style of playing football in Spain is very similar to Latin American culture.

In Futsal 1965 international competition held for the first time, with Paraguay's first champion. Then in subsequent years until the year 1979 Brazil was ruled competition. Brazil also won the Pan American trophy for the first time in 1980 and 1984.

In the year 1974 futsal meeting representatives from various countries. The meeting in Sao Paulo that initiated the formation of FIFUSA (The Federacao Internationale de Futebol de Salao / U.S. Futsal Federation) as an official organization that embodies futsal. FIFUSA when Joao Havelange was appointed as chairman. After this eksisnya futsal FIFUSA faster spread throughout the world.

First futsal world championship organized by FIFUSA in 1982 in Sao Paulo Brazil. In the first edition of this event came out as champions Brazil.

Three years later, the same event held in Spain. This is the first time this annual event three dihelat in continental Europe, and again came out as champions Brazil. And in 1988 Brazil was defeated by Paraguay in Australia.

After several years of existence, Futsal increasingly organized, and FIFA was interested. Because somehow helped promote futsal international football industry. In 1989 FIFA officially enter the futsal as one part of football, and FIFA also took over management of futsal world championship.

World Cup FIFA futsal first edition was held in the Netherlands in 1989 and the second was held in Hong Kong in 1992, with Brazil as a champion in the second edition.

With some consideration, ultimately changing the FIFA Futsal World Cup schedule is the four years.
source: http://www.infofutsal.com/category/sejarah-futsal/

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