Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League is a football championship annual Club between the clubs most successful football team in Europe, and is often regarded as a trophy level of the most prestigious clubs in Europe. This championship was first coined by a French sports magazine. Cup-shaped trophy is nicknamed "The Big Ears", and the first trophy is different from what is now contested (made by Stadellman). Cup is now contested the 6th edition. Initially fighting championship trophy called the European Club Champions Cup or the European Champion Clubs' Cup, which is usually abbreviated to European Cup (European Cup, and is different from the European Cup as it is known in Indonesia today which refers to the European Championship). These championships began in the 1955/56 season with a fall of two leg system, ie each team plays two games, one away and one at home, and the team with an average score of the highest forward to the next round. Only teams in the league champions of each country, plus the champion holder at that time, the right to participate this competition.

Most title holders
Real Madrid CF have won this competition nine times and became the largest in all of Europe. The teams are the next most successful was the AC Milan (7 times champion), Liverpool FC (5 times champion), FC Bayern Munich and AFC Ajax (4 times winner).

About Champions League
Music that accompanied the beginning of each television broadcast the championship and was written by Tony Britten, based on a song composed by George Frideric Handel called Zadok the Priest, and performed by the Chorus of the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Especially for a team that never won the Champions League 4 times, on the left sleeve will have the Champions League logo and written a collection of trophies. Are like Ajax, for example, for having won 4 times on the left sleeve there is the Champions League logo accompanied by the number of trophies earned.

In the last 19 seasons, only one team that successfully defended the Champions League title (then the format and its name is still the Champions Cup) for two consecutive seasons, that is AC Milan who was then still predicated The Dream Team. At that time, Milan won the 1988/1989 season, beating Steaua Bucharest 4-0, and next season (1989/1990) they beat Benfica 1-0.

At the end of the 2004/05 season, there is a problem. Liverpool won the Champions League that season right away directly to the play-offs next season, but Liverpool in the domestic league at number five. Everton which is a ranking of 4 to protest, so that Liverpool and Everton remain opted Champions League next season (Everton through qualifying) and the UK also has five teams into the Champions League (the most in one country).

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