Friday, September 11, 2009

World soccer history

In this world who does not know football. Football today is a favorite by many people in the world. this is evidenced by the creation of football competition in each country consisting of many clubs and create millions of soccer players. Then how the history of football.

On May 20, 2004, the International Football Association (FIFA) in the birthday celebration of the 100th was officially admitted that football comes from the land of Bamboo Curtain. Football in China has played since 7000 years ago. There are many English people think football is the inventor of the 19th century. Writer football history as well as objections to admit China as a country that gave birth to football. United Kingdom, and Europe in general, really just to develop the sport of what was found by the people of Central Asia.

Here is the order of world football history :

BC 5000: Soccer is played in China with the name of tsu chu. The purpose of this exercise is in addition to the physical training of soldiers as well as a sport that is played during the emperor's birthday.
BC 3000: The Japanese played a sport that originated in China and named Kemari.

2500 BC: The Ancient Egypt and the Middle East to play football as part of religious rituals. Only a few documents to support this hypothesis. Year AD: The discovery of the documents football in Rome and Greece.

217: British troops began to play football after defeating the Roman army.

600-1600: The Mexico and Central America making a rubber ball. The game there is a combination of basketball, volleyball and soccer. Middle Ages: Italian, French and other Europeans began to find the football.

1500: Italian calcio players find a team of more than 27 people. The game is very simple: kicking, passing and dribbling to be brought to the goal line. No goal.

1561: Richard Mulcaster adopt this calcio from Florence to teach in primary schools and secondary in the UK.

1680: In England play football to the protection of King Charles II.

1830's: Modern Football began to grow. This sport is played by the workers during breaks or by the children with problems at home or school. Team began to formulate.

1863: Football Association (FA) English established.

1862: Stand Oneida club in Boston, the first football club outside the UK.

1863: Football Association (FA) English established.

1871: The first match between the region by the FA.

1883: Four British clubs agreed to form an association football club of the world.

1885: The first match between the countries outside the UK, the United States vs. Canada.

1885: Professional Football is introduced.

1886: First meeting of the world soccer association formation.

1888: Professional Football inaugurated. Full control of the match referee.

1888: introduced a penalty kick.

1904: FIFA was founded by members of the French, Belgian, Danish, Dutch, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden.

1908: Soccer the sport in the Olympics.

1913: FIFA becomes a member of the International FA.

1930: The first World Championships in Uruguay.

1938: BBC's first television showing a football game.

1958: First Impressions World Championship.

1966: Starting a replay for a goal.

1977: World Championship for age under 20 years old.

1988: Campaign Fairplay.

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