Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Freestyle Football the Beautiful Technique

In football there is the basic skills and if developed will be able to make people amazed to see it. Of the many impressions we can see how someone can play the ball with amazing force. This is common we call freestyle football (soccer freestyle).

Freestyle football has existed for some time, but it has seen a surge in popularity as a result of global advertising campaigns and digital media sharing. In the early 21st century, Nike began an advertising campaign which relied heavily on the freestyle form of football, including video clips of freestyle performances. These advertisements featured famous players such as Ronaldinho and Edgar Davids. Many link such mass media attention to the start of the freestyle craze. In the YouTube era, however, many previously non-famous players have risen to prominence, and internet searches easily yield thousands of videos by amateur "freestylers" around the world.

Here are some examples of tricks in freestyle football :

The Crossover
One of the most simple tricks. The Crossover is used among many professional football jugglers, as well as beginners. The trick involves the art of juggling (keeping the ball in the air with one or both feet) and then with the chosen foot the person kicks the ball up slightly, and uses the other foot to go up and over the ball, while the chosen foot crosses the other leg slightly in the air and pushes the ball up to keep juggling.

Around The World
Involves the art of juggling (keeping the ball in the air using both feet) and then with the chosen foot, the person kicks the ball up slightly, and as soon as the foot leaves the ball they start to rotate their foot around the ball. The foot has to completely go around the ball in a 360 degree motion for the trick to be completed.

Hop the world
Jumping over and around the ball in a 'hopping' motion which in turn looks similar to Around the world. The first step involves juggling of the ball, followed by kicking the ball up into the air with the chosen foot. Once the ball is at its highest point, the person should hop its opposite foot over and around the ball (same as ATW). The only main difference between the two tricks is that there is a slight jump involved.

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