Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Best Futsal Player ( Falcão )

Who is the best Futsal Playerr???

many people say that Falcao was the best futsal player. Then who's Falcão???

Alessandro Rosa Vieira, known as Falcão, (born in São Paulo, June 8, 1977) is a Brazilian football and futsal player. He started his football career with Corinthians in 1992. His great ability earned him a place in the Brazilian national futsal team. In 2004 and 2008 FIFA Futsal World Cup Falcão was recognised by FIFA as the world's Best Futsal Player. After a brief spell in Libertadores Cup 2005 with São Paulo Futebol Clube, Falcão returned to Futsal and nowadays he represents Malwee/Jaraguá, a team from Jaraguá do Sul that won the Liga Futsal (Brazilian futsal championship) in 2005.In 2008 he helped the Brazilian national futsal team win the FIFA Futsal World Cup for the 4th time.

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