Saturday, September 26, 2009

Football legends : Ruud Gullit

Ruud Gullit (born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 1, 1962; age 47 years) is a Dutch football player. He along with Marco van Basten and Frank Rijkaard is part of the Dutch soccer team that won the European Cup in 1988. Ruud Gullit, who was named Ruud Dil, was born in Amsterdam as an illegitimate child from a Suriname named George Gullit and the original woman named Ria Dil Amsterdam. George Gullit emigrated from Suriname in 1958 with his wife and three children. Ria Dil is his mistress. Easily characterized because it has a style of play is so hard, big, with a very accurate kick, and his trademark, a unique dreadlocks.

Gullit epitomised the ethos of Total football as he was naturally adept in several positions. His foremost attribute was his athleticism, as he used his strength and speed to great effect, as well as being excellent in the air. Yet unusually for a man of his stature Gullit also possessed outstanding natural balance and poise that gave a graceful style to his game. Gullit thus combined technical ability with physical presence to become an iconic figure in world football.

Gullit's brilliance prompted George Best to comment in 1990, "Ruud Gullit is a great player by any standards. He has all the skills. He's not afraid to do things with the ball. And he looks as if he's enjoying every second of it. By my reckoning that's what makes him an even better player thanMaradona. Both have the key quality you will find in all the best players: balance. You just can't knock them off the ball. It was the same with Pele, Beckenbauer and Cruijff."Ruud Gullit's degree FIFA World Player 1987 and 1989. He was to play with the Dutch national team that won Euro 1988, and 1990 World Cup. Arrival in Milan to lift his club to win the Serie A crown for the first time in nine years.


  1. I just saw Gullit who was my favorite player in my life. I had love for him so much that just see him today brought tear to my eyes, for I have not seen him many years. I hope I could have the opportunity to meet him before I die. Gullit, I still love you.
    Ansumana, a Liberian living in the US

  2. Yeah! Ruuuuud Gulliiiit is my favorite player in my life too. Watching him on ESPN is amazing. You are and still my hero Ruud.The world soccer miss a great footballer like u. Wish I can meet u in person. Much love brother.You so much different without ur normal hair style,thou u look great.
    Babatunde,A Nigerian in USA

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