Thursday, September 24, 2009

Developing Techniques to Play Futsal

Futsal has an important role for the development of soccer players talent. Concrete examples such as Brazil footballer. Most of the top players to play futsal in Brazil childhood. Like Ronaldinho, Pele, Zico, Socrates, and Bebeto. Thanks to playing futsal they could have the agility, speed and a very good intuition in the process of the skin round the field. Compared with soccer, Futsal rules much tighter. The player must not make a sliding tackle (tackle from behind) and charge body (body collisions), so players can get futsal technical ability without fear of being injured opponent.

There are several factors that help players in developing technical ability to play good ball:

1. Intelligence.

Here, soccer and futsal difference was seen. In futsal demanded a player can perform an improvisation in the face of problems in the play. So spontaneously player must be out technique. Futsal is ideal as a means of developing intelligence in playing soccer.

2. Technical Expertise.

Technique larger role of energy in playing futsal. If the techniques that have ineligible players, the players could not break away from pressing opponents. This condition makes the player inevitably must improve his skills. Both in terms of ball control, movement with and without the ball, footwork, passing, dribbling and shooting.

3. Total Football.

In futsal, a small number of players making all the players play a total football. So when the team attacked, not only the work forward. So did the last, the players also come down to help the defense. Therefore, futsal players are required to have excellent stamina, because it must always move.

4. Speed.

The narrow space makes the flow of fast moving ball between the players feet. So futsal players required to play fast, both in terms of passing, movement and shooting tricks. Of course it makes more value if used in playing a big football field.

5. Entertainment.
Futsal goal at the far more frequent than in football. With players of high skill, quick ball movement and frequent goal, futsal is a great spectacle.

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