Wednesday, October 21, 2009

why we love football (soccer)

Why football became a popular sport in the world??

What is the reason??

There are many reasons why soccer is very popular around the world. However, the most important thing is that football is very exciting. When we play football we can do fun things like playing with friends, create a goal, win a game, make new friends and much more. Besides football can be done by anyone who wants to play it. Besides football is not only done by men but also can be done by women.

When we watch a football game we can enjoy because we can see the action-cation is amazing, goal-a beautiful goal, and sometimes we can really laugh when things happen are funny.

So why do you like football??


  1. Selain alasan di atas kayaknya football bikin kita sehat kalo kita yang lakukan sepak bola... cewek juga sehat kalo ikutan sepak bola, tapi kenapa ya klub sepak bola wanita kurang begitu diminati, kayak juga tinju

    Do U like watching Football ato Do U like playing football... ?

    Semoga Indonesian football bisa maju kayak Eropa

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